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About us

Our company, Sun Rise, is focused on the distribution of fruits and vegetables. We have a warehouse with an extensive assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, providing quality products for various markets and industries, including grocery stores, restaurants, and kitchens.

We aim to ensure our customers have access to the best fruits and vegetables from around the world. Our employees are dedicated to carefully selecting and inspecting each piece of fruit and vegetable to ensure quality and freshness for our customers.

What we offer?

Our range includes fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, exotic fruits, and seasonal products from Slovak growers. Our family has rich experiences in the field of agriculture, which are passed down from generation to generation. Our experienced team of salespeople and buyers ensures that we always have the highest quality goods. We guarantee competitive prices and quality. Our selection of fruits and vegetables is diverse and available year-round. We are delivering products from Slovakia, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland and Turkey.


Our goal is always to ensure that our customers receive not only fresh and tasty vegetables but also that these vegetables are selected with regard to quality and nutritional value.




Exotic fruits

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